nonPareil is establishing a bridge to employment by offering technical training courses with a curriculum tailored to adults on the spectrum, unlike any other school or university at an affordable price.   J.R.
It is so cool to see [my son] excited about learning new skills at nP Online. He's taken over the dining room and turned it into his own learning command post. It's impressive I must say.   K.W.
I am so thankful for nonPareil and what it's done in the lives of many including mine. Thank you for your heart to serve these people.   B.K.
There is no place like nonPareil in this country and we are so pleased to be part of the program.   B.M.
This has been an AMAZING experience for us and for him. The quality of the teaching, the mentoring, and day to day life skills has been truly life changing for us. I highly recommend nonPareil Institute!   B.E.