A big thank you to all the Houston staff for putting on such a fun, instructive and supportive camp for our kiddos! My daughter had a great time and I can clearly see ways in which she has grown and improved in her art and social skills, building on what she got out of last summer's camp, as well. Like the other testimonials from the family celebration night, we are so grateful for this institute and the opportunity it provides for our ASD family members to be "seen" and welcomed wholeheartedly!   MS
The nonPareil Institute offers an opportunity for young adults on the autism spectrum who struggle to find and keep a meaningful job to learn new technology. In the process, they also learn more about communication, professionalism, and teamwork. Our son has a college degree, but if he was not working at our own business, he would probably be unemployed. Our son started the online program at nonPareil Online … and we feel the people working with him are patient and familiar with the struggles he has. The leaders at nonPareil are responsive to requests, and share information about how your loved one is doing, and about achievements and future plans. We believe our son is learning valuable things, and are very thankful for the help in moving him forward. We have found that services are extremely scarce for adults on the spectrum, and we would like to see nonPareil grow and flourish, until every adult with these struggles is as independent as they can be.  
It is so cool to see [my son] excited about learning new skills [at nP Online].  He's taken over the dining room and turned it into his own learning command post. It's impressive I must say.  
I enjoy learning the things [at nP Online], I need to learn to be able to do what I want in the future.  
Our son … [is] enjoying every day of it.  This is what we saw: His conversation increased; he made friends; he started talking to us more; he started talking to EVERYONE more, asking questions.  Staff challenged him to be more organized and to participate.  He felt safe and cared for.  This is beyond anything we could have asked for or imagined. We thank God for nonPareil.   H.T.
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