Our son has been at nonPareil Houston since 2016... and enjoying every day of it. This is what we saw: His conversation increased; he made friends; he started talking to us more; he started talking to EVERYONE more, asking questions. Staff challenged him to be more organized and to participate. He felt safe and cared for. The staff is continually working on the program, adding new classes and groups and clubs. This is beyond anything we could have asked for or imagined. We thank God for nonPareil.   H.T.
Our son is a "high functioning" adult on the autism spectrum. Even though he earned a college degree, can live fairly independently and is muti-talented, we were unable to envision a productive and secure future for him. He had been out of college for about 6 years and had little to no job experience, when we learned about nonPareil Institute. Learning to code and develop video games just sounded ideal as he is passionate about them. Much to our surprise he fell in love with the program immediately and now sees it as a potential career path. Without a doubt, the staff at nonPareil "get it." The program is multi-dimensional, including a technical side and a social/life skills side. Both sides communicate with each other and work together to achieve optimal success. The crew members are able to follow and develop their strengths while gaining invaluable team building and social skills. Our son is now a part time staff member serving as a computer lab assistant. We could not be more pleased and very grateful that we found nonPareil!   D.C.
My son has been at nP since it opened in October 2015. It is an amazing place. Crew feel accepted and understood. Wonderful staff. A true community. We love nonPareil!   C.E.
We travelled from Florida to tour the school. My son and I loved the staff and some of the students we met and he tells everyone he is coming to school here and can't wait until he graduates.   C.D.
nonPareil has been a very important part of my family and has a special place in my heart. The staff, faculty, executive management are absolutely amazing. The young adults they mentor, are even better. The work they do, is a mission of love, compassion, AND structured in as family type environment. I would recommend nonPareil to anyone, this is a very special community. Schedule a tour!   M.F.
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