By the way, what are you doing to our daughter? Her ability to communicate and the level of involvement at home are off the chart! Wow! Whatever super-sauce you are using, keep it up!   E.B.
During my various conversations and visits I was moved by the commitment that was shown in providing not only technical skills but also soft skills to the young adults on the spectrum that were at the facility. As I had additional conversations, I realized that the migration from the original business model of producing electronic gaming to a business model that is more structured in developing a broader range of technical skills for the benefit of the young adults is of great benefit.   R.S.
Cannot sing nonPareil's praises loud enough! Such a unique program for young spectrum adults that teaches not only technical skills, but social skills spectrum individuals struggle with-- all in an incredibly supportive/empathic environment. I have not found one single instructor, staff member or director who isn't smiling, helpful and encouraging (even to us parents :).   L.R.
Really impressed with what nonPareil did to help adults with autism and their families during the Coronavirus crisis. They worked incredible hours to move as much in-person learning to online during the pandemic. They first focused on social engagement and support, which was most critical due to the social isolation caused by the virus. Then they added as much technical training as possible.   N.V.
I have been a supporter and donor of nonPareil for a very long time and cannot say enough about the wonderful work they do. Their tireless work and commitment to what they do is outstanding! It is hard to imagine a world without a place like this that provides so much genuine support, care and opportunities to these wonderful individuals on the spectrum!   D.G.
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