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We seek to empower students to find and pursue their interests


Digital Technology Training
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Community / Social Engagement
IT Support
Mentorship & Advising
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Our students crush it in a world
that feels crushing

Our technical training provides hands-on, small-group training and gives students the opportunity to learn industry standard tools and technologies. We have 65 courses; below is a sampling of the tracks we currently offer. Students will also learn to work on project teams, build product for the digital marketplace and may have the opportunity to work on projects outsourced by 3rd party companies.
2D Digital Art
2D Concept Art
Graphic Design
Interactive Design
3D Digital Art & Modeling
2D Design & Prototyping
3D Design
3D Environment Art
Programming & Scripting
Application Development
IT Support
…and more

Develop confidence and competence

Navigating social nuances can seem intimidating and confusing. nonPareil’s work-readiness training, we call it CORE, preps students with the skills needed to feel self-assured in social environments, successful in the workplace, and self-sufficient in adulthood. Below are a few of the CORE topics that focus on practicing these skills.
Time Management
Leadership and Teamwork
Community and Culture

We don’t walk alone

It’s no secret, opportunities for social engagement can dwindle in adulthood. nonPareil is a community of supportive individuals with a collective motto of ‘All For One and One For All’. Each campus has extensive opportunities for students to develop meaningful relationships, gain friends, and expand their social network through various clubs, organizations, and community events. These interest-based activities are often student-initiated and provide additional opportunities to become a leader among friends and colleagues.


Empowerment, exploration, and accomplishment – All while making really cool stuff

In-house projects offer opportunities to contribute to publicly-released digital applications, while reinforcing learned work-readiness and technical skills. This also allows students to build a portfolio and enhance their resume. nonPareil has released over 20 mobile and PC apps and video games, including several virtual reality releases. Our students have also written, illustrated, and published 10 books. We recently began releasing 3D printable models to various internet asset stores. We continue to look for opportunities to tap into the passion and talent of our students.

Your idea … Powered by Autism

Through nonPareil’s trademarked PowerSourcing: Putting Autism to Work™ initiative, students have the opportunity for real-world work experience on outsourced (contracted) projects. These projects will be completed at nonPareil, and the student will be able to earn income. They will use the skills they have learned at nP, along with learning industry-standard project management tools and methodologies (Scrum, Jira, Agile). This offers an additional pathway to employment as well as enhancing their resume and portfolio. For more information on PowerSourcing, please visit