Better Futures for Adults with Autism

History of nonPareil

A Solution for when they grow up

Having a child on the autism spectrum, parents always ask; "What happens when my child grows up? What is out there that can help him today, in a practical and predictable way?" These questions sparked the co-founders Dan Selec and Gary Moore, both parents of sons with autism, to begin a journey aimed at helping adults on the spectrum in a completely novel way. Dan recognized his own son’s interest and passion with digital technology and knew that if this passion could be harnessed in the form of technical ability, an entirely new method of communication, expression and productivity would be possible.

Ever growing, ever learning

From our humble beginnings training a few students 'in the kitchen', in 2010, we were invited by SMU to open our first training center on their SMU-in-Plano campus, next to the renowned SMU Guildhall. We quickly grew, eventually reaching our capacity of 150 adults with autism. In 2015 we opened our second location in Houston. We now train over 220 adults with autism between these two sites. Those training and working at nonPareil have built market competitive products, while also gaining the skills to become more independent, self-sufficient, and contributing members of the community. As nonPareil expands to new cities across the nation, our program continues to evolve as well, always engaging market demands and seeking to best meet the needs of those we serve. Check out our current campus locations under the LOCATION tab above to learn more about the work of our amazing students.

Our Mission: Today, Tomorrow, and into the Future

We continually work to improve and expand our program to meet the growing demand of the increasing autism community, while ensuring that we implement best practices and offer opportunities that provide our students a “BETTER FUTURE”! Our initial focus was building and delivering a world-class digital training program, along with creating an appropriate ‘autism-friendly’ work environment, which allowed our students to build digital products for the market. nonPareil has published over 14 games and apps which are available in the iTunes store, the Android store, and on the PC through Steam, as well as several books and comics available through Amazon and iBooks.

As autism awareness has grown around the country, more and more companies have launched initiatives to hire adults with autism, as well as other opportunities to engage and provide meaningful work to adults on the spectrum. nonPareil seeks to take advantage of these opportunities and is now partnering with companies who are outsourcing projects to us, giving our students the opportunity to use their skills and passion, while earning income for their work.

Future opportunities include more general technical training culminating in an IT Certification, as well as partnering with companies who want to provide internships and employment for our students upon completion of their training.

Help Us Change Lives

Our program focuses on growing skills that enable students to work on teams, thrive in a professional environment, build really cool technology, all while finding their passion and reaching their goals.

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